Dressage times for combined training Sunday 30/7/17

Intro A Jackie Ballinger Sam 10.00
Kirsty Garland Lou Lou 10.07
Emily Stephens Bobby 10.14
Tanya Lane Cruz 10.21
Felicity Craddock Firestone Shadow 10.28
Prelim 7 Carlene Butler Apollo 10.35
Felicity Craddock Firestone Shadow 10.42
Kate Perry Wizzard 10.49
Deborah Barnes Calico Rose 10.56
Ella Beswick Likeen KitKat 11.03
Prelim14 Ella Dunn Soloman 11.10
Sharon Ede Charlie 11.17
Gina Howells Holly Brook Kenco 11.24
Chloe Kenard Kilncorse Storm 11.31
Lily Cooper BeBe 11.38
Margaret Hird Thacka Princess 11.45
Christine Dohertey Figlet 11.52
Lindsay Berry Finlay 11.59
Alison Haywood Blue Kestrel 12.06
 Novice 34 Alex Scott Suzie 12.13
Margaret Hird Thacka Princess 12.20

See you all on Sunday 🙂 The Stirrup Cup Cafe will be open for snacks and drinks!

In and out times Sunday 23rd July

Class 1

Kelly Muir Baby 10.00
Theo Horsford Holly Brooke Halo 10.07
M Ashley Corson Dandy 10.14
Alison McLouchion Blue Bell 10.21
Emma Feaver Sparks 10.28
Shannon McMahon Cartwright Jak 10.35
Maxine Stoner Bryn 10.42
Theo Horsford Brock Button Moon 10.49


Class 2 Sam Dickinson Mister peacock 11.10
M Ashley Corson Dandy 11.17
Alison McLouchion Blue Bell 11.24
Ellla Dunn Soloman 11.31
Vanessa Mc Cabe May 11.38
Theo Horsford Brock Button Moon 11.45
Jade Gibson Star 11.52


Class 3 Raygan Dickinson Mister Peacock 12.15
Amy Socket Merlin 12.22

New Instructors!

Exciting news!!!
We have two new members of staff joining our team this week. Tasha Rush and Jo Sherwood are joining our instructor team 🙂
Tasha will be available for lessons Thursdays and Saturdays and Jo will be available for lessons on Monday evenings, Friday evenings and Sundays.
Discount off of lessons available – please call 01329 830387