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Show Jumping Results from 19th November

Thank you to all those who attended our Show jumping today!

A massive thank you to our helpers!


A special well done to those in the placings.


Class 1 – Emily Cook and Melody, Amber Miller and Fabian, Ella Leach and Ziroda Lady, Lily Mae Stokes and Daisy, Imogen Carter and Tia, Marcia Payne and Tilly

Class 2 – Amber Miller and Fabian, Hariette and Mirabelle, Debbie Mills and Velvet, Sophia Taylor and Popcorn, Emily cook and Melody

Class 3 – Mirrun Carter and Paddy, Hariette and Mirabelle, Sophia Taylor and Popcorn, Isabel Raimes and Dusty, Kristie Tee and Eddie, Anna Morris and Nikita

Class 4 – Mirrun Carter and Paddy, Sophia Taylor  and Rainbow, Iona Rhodes and Bobby, Alex Richards and Star, Kelly Fletcher and Arthur, Kristie Tee and Eddy


Dressage Results from 5/11/17

Wow what an amazing turnout yesterday here for our monthly dressage competition.

A massive thank you to all our competitors who arrived to compete.

A special well done to those in the placings;


Class 1 –  Jo Edwards & Lourea Lad, Jane Porter & Saffire, Katie King & Mr Darcy, Moira Reynolds & Balleroy Lanark, Alexander Oldbury Davies & Orders, Abbie Churchyard & Abbie, Lara Phelan & Oakfield Pria, Shimayne Whiskin & Cadairo, Callum Randall & Sharptor Desire,Anna Fry & Maggie, Rachel Cuff & Nemo, Freya Linsdell & Evie, Sarita Chewter & Logan,Emma Collis & Aragon, Milo Dovey & Bubbles


Class 2 –  Sami Ilston & Saraton Sandpiper, Alice Lawrence & Kirby, Katie Ingigo – Jones & Rainbow of Smarties, John  Wheeldon & Medinas Dumpling, Gemma Hall & Jethro, Summer Thompson & Misty, Sophie Roberts & Butts Lawn Sansare, Helen Mullender & Avondales Wolken Winta, Jessica Aylmer-Clarke & Joshua, Shelley Simmonds & Mystical Dreamer, Nicola Lowman & Brock Brighteve, Lucia Searle & Jetset Phara, Moira Reynolds & Melfort of Stanford, Hayley Clarke & Bella, Abi Bold & Blossom, Alexandra Olbury Davies & Orders, Kyla Lowman & Synod Rory


Class 3 – Gemma Hall & Jethro, Alice Lawrence & Kirby, Lisa Starks & Onyx, Sophie Roberts & Butts Lawn Sansare, Joanne Munday & Drumvale 2 for Joy, Emma Organ & Drumbui


Class 4 – Gemma Hall & Titus Luz De Rembrandt, Alice Holt & Well House Wizard, Anna Fry & Rosie, Jo Mckweon & Amigo, Lisa Starks & Onyx


A big thank you to all our helpers that continually support the running of our events – we appreciate all your help.


See you all next time J

Dressage Times for 5th November 2017

Class Name of Rider Name of Horse Section
Intro A
8.00 Sarah Willis Cisco R
8.07 Jo Barton Sweet R
8.14 Liz Mead Jelly Bean R
8.21 Abbie Hoff Midnight R
8.28 Ashleigh Swain Pilgrim R
8.35 Ruby Atkinson Ben R
8.42 Shimayne Whiskin Cadairo R
8.49 Rachel Cuff Nemo J
8.56 Freya Linsdell Evie O
9.03 Jo Edwards Loughrea Lad O
9.10 Abbie Churchyard Maggie J
9.17 Milo Dovey Bubbles J
9.24 Esme Dovey Burley Petal J
9.31 Emma Collis Aragon R
9.52 Vanessa Drift R
9.59 Callum Randall Sharptor Desire J
10.06 Moira Reynolds Balleroy Lanark O
10.13 Kristie Tee Special Eddie R
10.20 Maisie Collis Rosie R
10.27 Alexandra Olbury – Davies Orders from Rome R
10.34 Amelia Reardon The Dancing King R
10.41 Sarita Chewter Logan R
10.48 Lara Phelan Oakfield Pria O
10.55 Jane Porter Saffire R
11.02 Erin Behgen-Lawn The man from Clare R
11.09 Evie Schofield Thamesbourne Nightwish J
11.16 Anna Fry Maggie R
11.30 Moira Reynolds Melfort of Stanford O
11.37 Alexandra Olbury – Davies Orders from Rome R
11.44 Amelia Reardon The Dancing King R
11.51 Gemma Hall Jethro R
11.58 Sarita Chewter Logan R
12.05 John Wheeldon Medina’s Dumpling O
12.12 Erin Behgen-Lawn The man from Clare R
12.19 Jane Porter Saffire R
12.26 Sami Illston Saraton Sandpiper O
12.33 Katie Inigo – Jones Rainbow of Smarties J
12.40 Clarie Shanks Magnus R
12.47 Jessica Aylmer – Clarke Joshua J
1.09 Summer Thompson Misty J
1.16 Amber Miller Fabian J
1.23 Abi Bold Blossom J
1.30 Helen Mullender Avondales Wolken Winta R
1.37 Kyla Lowman Synod Rory J
1.44 Nicola Lowman Brock Bright eve R
1.51 Kathryn Havering Scout R
1.58 Karen Stokes Liaura Davinci R
2.05 Sophie Roberts Butts Lawn Sansare O
2.12 Shelley Simmonds Mystical Dreamer O
2.19 Alice Lawrence Kirby R
2.26 Lucia Searle Jetset Phara J
2.33 Hayley Clarke Bella R
2.54 Gemma Hall Jethro
3.01 Karen Stokes Liaura Davinci
3.08 Sophie Roberts Butts Lawn Sansare
3.15 Shelley Simmonds Mystical Dreamer
3.22 Alice Lawrence Kirby
3.29 Lucia Searle Jetset Phara
3.36 Imogen Rose B Tops Lad
3.43 Victoria Newton Drumbui
3.50 Anita Smith Douglas
3.57 Joanne Munday Drumvale 2 for Joy
4.04 Lisa Starks Onyx
4.11 Anna Fry Rosie
4.18 Amanda Grierson Shirwell Mountain Dream
4.25 Jezz Palmer Frankie
4.46 Anna Fry Rosie N27
4.53 Lisa Starks Onyx N27
5.00 Jo Me Keown Amigo E49
5.07 Gemma Hall Titus Luz De Rembrandt N27
5.14 Kerry Terell Hi-Moons Spell Bound E49
5.21 Alice Holt Well House Wizard N27